Utility Locators

Live Gas Line Locator

Jameson's Live Tracer allows gas mains to be located while maintaining service to the customer. No blow-by while holding pressure up to 150 PSI. Once located, it can be fitted with a riser that allows frequent access for future locating and pressure testing of gas mains.

SubSurface Pipe & Cable Locator

SubSurface Pipe& Cable locators are available in both single and multi-frequency models. The PL 1500 high or low frequency and the PL2000 multi-frequency are top of the line locators. The multi-frequency locator works on 26.725 and 8.125 KHz, 512 Hz, Radio mode 15Kz-25KHz, and live cable mode of 60 Hz. It also has Peak, Null, Distance, sonde, conductive and inductive capabilities.

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PL 2000 PG2-1
PL 2000PG1
PL 1500 PG1(1)-1