Randy Agnetti founder of Clear View Equipment Company

Randy Agnetti

Randy Agnetti is the founder of Clear View Equipment Company.

Randy owned and operated Pipe Pros Inc., a highly successful utility locating, leak detection, and video inspection company operating in the San Francisco – Sacramento area of California, for 17 years. He built the organization from a one-truck operation to a seven-vehicle fleet with annual sales of over one million dollars.

With his extensive experience, Randy is able to provide expert training and assist customers with on-the-job problem solving and ideas to increase profits.

Randy has made several presentations to Cardno TBE, USIC, and several other organizations which has resulted in the streamlining of their equipment needs. He has also established a training program with the Florida Natural Gas industry that includes TECO Gas, Florida Public Utilities, the Fort Pierce Utility Authorities, and many others. The program provides training on the location of gas lines while they are live.