The most comprehensive non-conductive rodders
in the industry

In the spirit of innovation and reliability that has long been Jameson’s hallmark, we proudly present their Buddy System of Conduit Rodders and Fish Tapes. Together, they provide you with a comprehensive solution to all your rodding and fishing needs with rod diameters of 1/8″ to 1/2″ and lengths of 50′ to 1,000′.

Flexible, high strength fiberglass Glow Fish Rods make it easier to push or pull cable and wire in dark spaces. Jameson’s non-conductive rods are threaded to customize rod length to any job. With a variety of accessories, they can handle any wiring situation. Click on the links below for more detailed information.


A locator and
receiver set are used to energize and trace the path, or a
camera is used to inspect gas main

Jameson Gas Line Locator

The Live Tracer is a continuous fiberglass duct rodder with a
copper wire embedded in the rod core.

Connecting a signal transmitter to the rod energizes the
wire, allowing the user to trace the continuous path of the
pipe with a receiver.

Incorporating a Stuffing Box, the Live Tracer™ can trace live
gas mains and lines without blow-by to 125 PSI.
One person can do the job with minimal or no excavation.

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This is the full Catalog of all the underground equipment that Jameson has available to you.

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