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Miracle Plumbing

Miracle Plumbing has recently upgraded their services to include, video inspection services, leak detection and utility line locating. Cesar Gomez the owner has over fifteens years of experinace in the plumbing industrey. With the addition of this new equipment, Miracle Plumbing will be able to diagnose and repair the damage with one visit.  This ability will provide savings  both monetarily and time for  their customers.  Cesar’s mission statement for Miracle Plumbing is to provide professional, cost effective and quality service at the best price. Listed from left to right is Jacob Turnbull and Cesar Gomez after training with all the  new equipment that will serve their needs.

City Of Cape Coral

As part of theircommitment to excellence, the  City of Cape Coral, has added Ground Penetrating Radar to the array of  tools, to safely locate underground utlity lines. Jon Kio and his crew take great pride in providing safe and accurate locating of their utility lines.  Cape Coral is unique in it’s enviroment, as it encompasses several soil types throughout the City. With the addition of the GSSI Ground Penetrating Radar unit, they will increase productivity and save  labor, which relates directly to savings for the residents of Cape Coral. The entire crew listed from left to right Jon Kio,Wayne Boler,Dwayne Hoffmanand Jeremy Mcllain completed a 4 hour training class to perfect their skills on the new Ground Penetrating Radar unit.

Cape Coral Crew

City of ST. Cloud

The City of  ST. Cloud continues to be pro active in the field of utility locating. St. Cloud has every type of soil and terrain, which creates headaches for utility locators. Their Facility on Communication Road handles both water and sewage, which includes both metallic and non-metallic lines. It also encompasses depths from 2 feet to 12 feet deep. The New GSSI LT system will provide accurate and labor saving utility locating results. Completing their GPR training from left to right is Rick Mauro, Felix Rodreguez, Nelson Torres, Jeff Hewett, Kaylon Bass, Nick Emmons and Chris Combs.

City of Bradenton

The City of Bradenton is a very diverse town, that inhabits several different types of soils and topography. With this in mind the City of Bradenton has added Ground Penetrating Radar to enhance their utility locating skills. The GSSI LT System, gives them the ability to locate metallic and non-metallic utilities safely and accurately. The New GSSI System will also reduce labor and thereby create savings to their customers.  David Cronkite leads this crew of  locators and recently completed training with flying colors.

Lake Apopka Natural Gas

Lake Apopka Natural Gas has added  Ground Penetrating Radar to their array of utility locating tools. With the addition of the GSSI LT system they can locate metallic and non-metallic utilities throughout their service area. The LT system will increase accuracy,speed and will reduce the cost of difficult locates. The savings will give them extra time and money to provide others services to their customers. Completing the training from left to right is Wade Lowe, Randy Cook, Dave Renfro, Antonio Gibson, Jeff   Rick Gullett.

City of Lakeland

The City of  Lakeland expanded its utility locating spectrum of tools by adding the GSSI Sir 3000 Ground Penetrating Radar System. Lakeland has a very wide variety of surfaces to locate utilities in. This includes dry soil, wet soil, agricultural soil and areas where there are bricks below paved roads. Increased productivity, improved accuracy, labor savings and safety are only a few of the benefits of this new system. Completing the training from left to right is Larry Schuler, Tyson Scheinder and Brian Thorton.

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