Pop Quiz: Which company provides proven products, expert advice, and great lease terms to the underground utility location and leak detection industry?

  1. Clear View Equipment Company
  2. Clear View Equipment Company
  3. Clear View Equipment Company

Correct! You've made the right choice for your clients and your business!

Featured Products

UtilityScan™ GPR by GSSI

UtilityScan™ is the most accurate GPR system on the market for the non-destructive location of all subsurface utilities. With UtilityScan, users can immediately locate and mark buried service utilities (i.e., gas, electric and sewer lines).

eCam by Electric Eel

Clear View Equipment company is proud to announce the addition of the Electric Ell product line consisting of pipeline, drain and sewer cleaning systems as well as the eCam series of pipeline inspection camera systems!

Miracle Plumbing

Miracle Plumbing has recently upgraded their services to include, video inspection services, leak detection and utility line locating. Cesar Gomez the owner has over fifteens years of experinace in the plumbing industrey. With the addition of this new equipment, Miracle Plumbing will be able to diagnose and repair the damage with one visit.  This ability will provide savings  both monetarily and time for  their customers.  Cesar’s mission statement for Miracle Plumbing is to provide professional, cost effective and quality service at the best price. Listed from left to right is Jacob Turnbull and Cesar Gomez after training with all the  new equipment that will serve their needs.

City Of Cape Coral

As part of theircommitment to excellence, the  City of Cape Coral, has added Ground Penetrating Radar to the array of  tools, to safely locate underground utlity lines. Jon Kio and his crew take great pride in providing safe and accurate locating of their utility lines.  Cape Coral is unique in it’s enviroment, as it encompasses several soil types throughout the City. With the addition of the GSSI Ground Penetrating Radar unit, they will increase productivity and save  labor, which relates directly to savings for the residents of Cape Coral. The entire crew listed from left to right Jon Kio,Wayne Boler,Dwayne Hoffmanand Jeremy Mcllain completed a 4 hour training class to perfect their skills on the new Ground Penetrating Radar unit.

Cape Coral Crew

Bear’s Plumbing

Bear’s plumbing has just added the new Electric Eel E CAM PRO 2 video Inspection camera system. This new system incorporates the latest tecnology in optics and recording features to download the video to a flash stick, for high resolution viewing. Bear’s Plumbings purpose is to provide the highest quality plumbing services to our commercial and residential customers, by delivering innovative, exciting products, and dependable services that exceed their customers needs and expectations.  Pictured from Left to Right is Dan Alderman, Al Steeman and Chris Stephens.

Benjamin Franklin Plumber

Ben Franklin Plumber has added leak detection to the services they provide for their customers. With the addition of these leak detectors Ben Franklin Plumbing will be able to diagnose, locate and repair the damaged pipe in one visit. This will provide  quicker repairs and a cost savings to thier customers.   Ben Franklin’s service aim is to always provide fast, accurate and professional services to all thier clients. The entire crew spent the better part of the day sharpening their skills on leak detection during the training program.  Pictured after the training is from the bottom row L-R Ty Kontratll, Perry McCutcheon. Standing L-Rjohn Randazzo, Craig Conny,Tom Fanning, John Fasili,John Bensley and Matt Black.

Backflow Inspections,Repairs & Plumbing

Backflow Inspection, Repairs and Plumbing has upgraded their services to include the inspection of sewer and storm drain lines. With the purchase of their new E Cam Pro camera system they can easily and accurately video inspect lines up to 10 inches in diameter. They can locate each defect in the line and  inspect up to 200 feet at a time. With 20 plus years in the industry they are trusted and relaible professionals. Listed above from L to R is Seth Gregg, Jared Roth, Marissa Marie, Sally Chidestre. Joann Murray, Patrick Murray and Chris Wilkenson.

Prime Plumbing

Prime Plumbing in Mt. Dora has upgraded their services to include Leak Detection. Prime Plumbing has been providing professional plumbing services in Central Florida for over 15 years.  Having the ability to locate and repair the leak in one visit saves time and money for their customers.  Listed in the photo is Front row L to R Chad Lee and Michael Hyland. Back row L to R Rick Brayman, Albert Watkins, James Hyland, Jeff Sewell, Bill Peloquin, Danny Neubacher and Sherwin Scott.

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